Professional rug cleaning Services Adelaide

      Blazing Rug Cleaning Adelaide is the premier traditional rug cleaning and rug repair Adelaide facility. Rug cleaning services that we provide are available to all people in Adelaide with the convenience of pickup and delivery. A number of top rug galleries trust us with their client’s most precious rugs.

      Rug Cleaning is definitely wrought with challenges. It is not a simple task. Especially if your rugs are antique or made of delicate fabrics. We understand this and provide the safest and affordable techniques available for cleaning your precious rugs.

      We provide two different types of rug cleaning services Adelaide to meet your rug cleaning challenges.

      • 1. Factory cleaning: In this type, we pick up your rugs and bring them to our facility for what is known as factory cleaning.
      • 2. Home cleaning: In this type, we come to your home and steam clean your rugs right there at your home. No matter which method you choose, you can trust us to do the job right!

      Professional rug cleaners Adelaide

      Blazing Rug Cleaning Adelaide is a big name in the rug cleaning industry. With an experience of more than a decade in this area, our professional rug cleaners manage to clean all kinds of dirt, dust, stains, and germs. Here’s what we have to serve you.

      • An understanding team having technical training and qualifications
      • We strive hard to reduce the number of allergens in the rugs
      • The best techniques and technology to complete the job
      • All our technicians are IICRC certified and licensed
      • With 24x7 available services, we are the ideal choice for professional rug cleaning services
      • The solutions and methods that we use are environment-friendly
      • Provide same day rug repair in Adelaide

      The Process We Perform for Rug Cleaning & Rug Washing Adelaide

      We proudly offer affordable rug washing yet on the same day. Rugs in your home or office are often susceptible to dirt, dust, and stain. Cleaning it on short notice is very tough, but with us not anymore. Give us a call and our expert rug steam cleaners will be available at your doorstep within one hour.

      At Blazing Rug Cleaning Adelaide, we have a simple yet highly effective five-step process for rug washing adelaide. Let’s have a look at it:

      Inspection: Our professional rug cleaners begin the process with an initial inspection of the rug to determine the type of fabric and most suitable cleaning solution for it.

      Pre-Vacuuming: Then, our professional rug cleaners carry out pre-vacuuming to throw away dust particles like soil and dirt from the rug surface.

      Bacteria Killing: With help of non-toxic efficient agents and methods, we try to kill bacteria that remove all types of germs and contaminants.

      Future Protection: Then, professional rug cleaners apply an anti-bacterial solution to the rug and try to protect your rug in the future from the growth of any harmful germs and pollutants.

      Rug Deodorization and Sanitization:  This is the last step of the process, our rug repair Adelaide applies deodorizer and sanitization on the rug to leave behind a pleasing fragrance and to make your rug look new and feel fresh.

      Final Inspection:  A final inspection of the cleaned rug is done by our specialists to see if the job has been carried out well, and all the methods are followed accurately. We also look at whether or not our customers are satisfied with the services that we provide.

      Rug Washing Adelaide

      Benefits of hiring professional rug cleaners?

      • The experts make use of eco-friendly solutions which are safe for you and your family
      • Our highly skilled professionals do the cleaning job quickly and efficiently
      • Availing of rug repair in Adelaide can help extend the life of your rugs
      • We make use of advanced cleaning equipment and tools that help thoroughly clean your rugs. Our team in Adelaide is expertise in removing bacteria, hard stains, germs, and dust mites present in your rugs
      • All our team members are skilled and IICRC certified, highly skilled, and well-versed in the industry.

      Professional rug cleaning services: -

      • Jet vacuuming to eliminate all allergens and dry dirt
      • Rug hand washing
      • Machine vibration to shake out all dry dirt
      • Dye-locking to prevent colour-bleed
      • Jet extraction to remove anything that isn’t part of your rug
      • Applying solutions to neutralize your rug’s pH, and float out grit and dust
      • Hanging and 2-hour drying in our specialty drying room
      • Grooming by hand to really lift the rug’s pile and set the nap to a uniform finish
      • Commercial rug cleaning
      • Persian rug cleaning

      Rug Washing Adelaide

      Rugs demand appropriate care & attention to remain lustrous & beautiful for a long time. Over time rugs become heavy with dirt, dust, allergens & microbes embedded deep into the fabric.  Improper treatment can ruin the rug permanently hence seeking help from experts for a full-proof & guaranteed rug washing Adelaide right at your doorstep is of great importance.

      Rug cleaning in Adelaide is important for a number of reasons: –

      Rugs must be properly cared for and attended to in order to maintain their lustre and beauty throughout time. Rugs accumulate dirt, dust, allergies, and germs, all of which may be found deep inside the fibres. Improper treatment might permanently damage the rug, therefore it’s critical to seek the assistance of professionals for a full-proof and guaranteed rug washing Adelaide that comes straight to your home.

      1. Enhances Air Quality: Mold and bacteria love a dirty carpeting because it provides a breeding habitat. Furthermore, they disperse spores into the air, contaminating it and increasing the risk of respiratory diseases including asthma, emphysema, and TB, as well as skin allergies. Rug cleaning removes dust, grime, and germs from the rug’s fibres, allowing for better ventilation and circulation of cleaner air throughout the home.

      2. Extends Rugs’ Usable Life: Due to its unique rug cleaning method, Rug Cleaning Adelaide thoroughly cleans the rug effectively, increasing the rug’s lifespan. The impurities are permanently removed, and the rug’s fibres are left clean and undamaged. This expedites the process of rug ageing. Rug repair services provided by skilled artisans assist keep carpets in top condition for a long period.

      3. Improve The Rug’s Appearance: Experts who clean rugs with steam are able to bring out more lustre in the rug. Experts will also clean and condition the rug. The defects are repaired and the fibres are nourished, which improves the rug’s texture and adds elegance to your home or workplace.

      4. The Comfortable Environment at Home: Germs and allergies lurking about your house mean that it is no longer a safe and hygienic place to unwind after a long day at work. Furthermore, the bacteria in the carpeting spread throughout the house, making the situation worse. Rug cleaning eliminates these health risks, allowing you to live in a cleaner, more sanitary, and more tranquil environment.

      5. Heirloom: Rugs are not only gorgeous works of art, but they also have sentimental importance. With the assistance of Blazing Rug Cleaning Adelaide, you may pass on your elaborately woven magnificent carpets to future generations.

      Allow specialists to undertake the task of preserving rugs; in the meanwhile, rug owners can vacuum it periodically and be cautious around it. Always choose the finest rug cleaners and do your homework before hiring anybody, practise home cures on carpets, and, most importantly, prevent accidents near rugs as they cause lasting damage. If you want to enjoy the beauty of your carpets, call a professional rug washing Adelaide service now.

      Rug repair

      Rug Repair Adelaide

      Rug cleaning with the Help of Blazing rug cleaning Adelaide’s best rug repairer has been restoring and repairing rugs for more than 30 years. Rugs are wonderful, but they’re also a costly investment that can get damaged from time to time. Instead of buying a new rug, consider rug repair adelaide.

      Rug repair Adelaide is not a job for the faint of heart, since it requires skill and knowledge. Regardless of their motives, their ignorance of the damage they’re causing will only exacerbate it, often resulting in permanent damage to your rug.

      Due to the wide range of materials and techniques used in rug making (fibres, colours, patterns) as well as the wide range of fringes and edging, anyone attempting rug restoration must be quite knowledgeable about the repair procedure. Due to the fact that each circumstance differs, having relevant knowledge is essential. Please don’t try to fix your rug yourself or give it to someone who says they have “sewing skills.”

      Our comprehensive rug repair services include the following:
      • Any size rug, any type of fibre, any colour rug
      • Restore colour that has faded
      • Cleaning and lightening of the hair on the crown
      • The repairs and replacements of the edge bindings
      • Holes and rips in the fabric
      • Damage caused by moths or rodents
      • Restoring the rug in its entirety

      If you’re interested in more about Blazing Rug Cleaning Adelaide’s Rug Repair service or Rug Cleaning services, request a quotation or contact us today! Call: +61480029472


      1. What are the main reasons why rugs should be repaired?

      There are a few simple reasons as to why you should repair your rugs:

      • Their life will be prolonged
      • Their value will be increased
      • They will remain works of art

      2. What do you provide customized rug cleaning services in Adelaide?

      Yes, we do provide customized rug cleaning services Adelaide such as specialized stain removal, pet stain removal, odour removal, fringe cleaning and whitening, over-locking to stabilize edges, and many others. To avail of our services call us today at +61480029472 and ask for a quote.

      3. What is the use of a protector?

      Protectors prolong the life of your rugs, acting as an inhibitor against everyday spillages of food and drinks. This helps rugs not to absorb any excess moisture averting further damage to rug fibres.

      4. Do you clean rugs of all shapes and sizes? How many days do you take?

      Yes, we at Blazing Rug Cleaning Adelaide do clean rugs in 7 to 10 days depending on the quantity, sizes, condition, and weather. Also, we do all this at the most reasonable and realistic prices with no additional charges.

      5. Do you deodorize and sanitize rugs after cleaning them?

      Yes, after a thorough and deep cleaning, we do sanitize and deodorize your rugs to remove bad odour and provide ready-to-use rugs. Especially, during this time of COVID-19, we ensure your safety as our top priority.

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