How to Protect and Preserve Your Persian and Oriental Rugs

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Persian and Oriental rugs are treats for the eyes. Their detailed designs, threads and softness can make anyone fall for them. However, for long-lasting use, you have to take care of them and preserve them in odd weather. So, here are some tips for you to take care of your carpeting fully:

Tips to Keep Your Rugs in Good Condition

1. Use Door Mats

Imagine your kid is running to the hall from the garden with muddy legs and stepping onto your precious rug. If this happens every other day, you will lose your investment for nothing. Having a doormat can take off these dirty stains, dirt and dust coming inside the home. So, your flooring doesn’t have to digest these pollutants.

2. Rearrange Your Furniture Often

Heavy furniture can cause dents and spots on floorings. So, to avoid this, move your furniture at least once a few months. You don’t have to change the layout of your room; shifting these items to a few inches will work well. Also, be careful while rearranging them as sliding or dragging the furniture can cause wear to the rug. Apart from this, don’t use furniture with rolling wheels and casters to avoid damaging the flooring.

3. Use High-quality Rug Pads

Quality rug pads can protect your flooring from sliding that causes wear and damaged patches. It avoids friction between the floor and carpeting. Additionally, you feel more comfortable while walking on the rug.

4. Hire Professionals for Regular Cleaning and Inspection

Rug cleaning specialists can detect the damage signs and work on them before it happens. We recommend hiring professionals for annual deep cleaning and occasional inspection.

Tips for Storing Oriental or Persian Rugs

1. Wash and Dry Your Rug Before Storing Them

If you store an uncleaned rug with stains and dirt, it will get more damaged when stored. It’s crucial to get it professionally cleaned instead of using DIYs because you want to ensure the complete safety of your rug when keeping it. Roll your flooring like a tube, wrap it in paper and preserve it when it’s dry. Storing a moistured or damp carpet is like inviting bugs and moths to damage it.

2. Seal Pack with Tapes

Tapes will protect your carpeting from pests and moisture. Cover all seams and keep them elevated from the ground to avoid dampness. Store your flooring in a moisture-free place.

3. Don’t Use Insecticide

Insecticides are toxic and acidic. It may harm your rug’s delicate fibres and dye. If you use a mothball, the carpeting will absorb its smell, that’s not easy to remove. If your rug is clean, dry and stored in a moisture-free place – you won’t have to try any pesticides.

Remember these tips while storing your flooring, and you won’t have to worry about anything else. Also, keep an eye on your kids or pets! Contact professionals for a deep rug cleaning treatment before preserving the carpetings.

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