How much does it cost to restore a Persian rug?

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Rugs can be exposed to all types of damage, wear and tear. The damage can be caused due to furniture dents, fraying edges or spillages. So, although rug repairing and maintenance are common still it is important to consider the Persian rug repair cost. The price is dependent on various factors. These factors do not have a simple answer. So, here we have listed some factors which determine the cost of rug repair and rug cleaning.

  • Age of your Persian rug-

The cost of rug repair is largely dependent on the age of your Persian rug. If a Persian rug grows old, then it might become more and more vulnerable for wear and tear. Also, it might become difficult to repair it. Plus, it can also become vulnerable to fading and discolouration. So, if you are building an estimate about your Persian rug repair cost, then you need to consider this as a prominent factor.

Persian rug restoration cost

  • Quality of material used in a Persian rug repair:

The quality and type of fabric which is used in the making of rugs are responsible for determining the cost of Persian rug repair. These materials might get affected by the feel of your rug and also by the visual appearance. Materials which might need more amount for repair are silk, wool and natural dye. It is important to note that a specific region of origin cannot assure the quality of materials. So, the Persian rug repair cost is also determined by the type of material used for making a rug and also by the quality of material used for making a Persian rug.

  • Rug size-

Although this is not compulsory, still larger the rug, the higher is the cost which is necessary for cleaning of the rug. The larger the size, the more equipment and machinery are involved in cleaning it. Especially, older rugs need more amount of effort and time for cleaning and also for repair. Particularly in older rugs which are handmade and oversized might increase the cost of repair and cleaning.

  • Design of the Persian rug-

Rugs need to be seen like a piece of fine art. With their delicate work and intricate patterns, Persian rugs are difficult to clean and repair. Also, you need to consider the current design trends which might vary according to the colour combination, patterns and shades.  The more intricate your Persian rug is, the more costly it will be to repair it. The reason behind this is that your rug repair expert will be putting more effort into repairing your rugs and for patching and mending your Persian rug.

Although all these factors are considered influential in determining the Persian rug restoration cost, still it is always recommended to connect with a Blazing Rug Cleaning Adelaide to get a clear idea of the cost required for repairing Persian rugs.

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