What is the best time for Persian rug cleaning?

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What is the best time for Persian rug cleaning?


Persian rugs make great floor pieces with their extravagant & elegant designs & colors. While Persian rug cleaning& maintenance is highly crucial it is a chore often left to professional Persian rug cleaners. Because rugs are made of natural materials & improper handling can damage them permanently. Apart from timely Persian rug cleaning services another aspect that helps rug maintenance is choosing the right time of the year for Persian rug cleaning.

Benefits of Persian rug cleaning in winter

Experts at Blazing Rug Cleaning Adelaide suggest that winters are the best time of the year for rug cleaning for the following reasons:

Faster drying- The fact that your rug will dry faster in colder temperatures is enough to pick winters for rug cleaning. Rugs may dry faster in summers but laying them in sunlight can cause color fading. On the other hand, the warmth inside your house during winters will almost cut the drying time to half. You don’t have to fret over mold growth & foul odor with dry rugs. Just make sure you don’t place the rugs immediately after Persian rug cleaning Adelaide.

Cleaner environment- Rug owners may assume that availing of Persian rug cleaning services in summers or spring will be making more sense as there is a benefit of less foot traffic. But wouldn’t you rather have harmful bacteria & allergens eradicated from your favorite rug when you will be exposed to it the most? We spend most of the time on cozy & comfortable rugs during winters hence Persian rug care this time of the year is apt.

The holiday season- With holidays & festive seasons around the corner having an admirable interior at home is a priority for homemakers. Avail Persian rug cleaning Adelaide prior to the holiday season so your guests can enjoy a clean & pleasant atmosphere for celebrations.

Persian rug cleaners are skilled & have profound knowledge of rugs fabric; they know how to treat rugs aptly. During winters bookings with these experts are easily available; so when the temperature outside drops, hire Blazing Rug Cleaning Adelaide for Persian rug care.

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