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3 commercial rug cleaning mistakes rug owners should shun


Cleaning office rugs is an indispensable task which is why rug owners often rely on commercial rug cleaners for the same. Though reputed companies like Blazing Rug Cleaning Adelaide are always available to serve exquisite commercial rug cleaning services, sometimes rug owners prefer doing the job all by themselves.

Rug cleaning can be tricky without professional skills & resources; hence here are the top 3 mistakes rug owners should avoid while they carry out commercial rug cleaning:

Over-wetting- Rug should be dried within 7-8 hours of cleaning; leaving the carpet wet for more than 12 hours can trigger mold growth. Additionally, rugs left humid for more than 24 hours is even worse as this is exactly when the foul odor kicks in. to avoid this fallacy it is vital to prevent overwetting & use an appropriate technique for drying the rugs. If you don’t want to hire commercial rug cleaners, opt for a rented dehumidifier & reduce the use of water by choosing bonnet or dry powder cleaning method.

Over agitation- Rugs owners often tend to clean rugs aggressively in an attempt to get rid of pollutants & germs. This scratches the fibers & makes the rug appear dull & lifeless. Over-agitation splits the fibers & deteriorates the rug permanently. Experts at Blazing Rug Cleaning Adelaide gently deep-clean the rug to shield its fibers from damage while they carry out commercial rug cleaning Adelaide.

Harsh chemicals- the most common & destructive mistake rug owners do while they clean office rugs are using a store-bought ordinary detergent shampoo for commercial rug cleaning. These detergents have toxic chemicals that are harsh on the fabric; they might end up damaging fibers, cause discoloration, leave bleach spots and rob the shine of your beautiful rug. Professionals use mild chemicals that clean every single fiber without damaging the fabric in commercial rug cleaning services.

Office rugs are subjected to a lot of damage due to heavy foot traffic& hence demand the utmost care. While vacuuming &rug cleaning is beneficial to maintain the rug seeking professional commercial rug cleaning Adelaide from certified experts like Blazing Rug Cleaning Adelaide will be far more efficient & result-oriented. Make sure you avoid these mistake when you clean rugs so that the charming appearance of you office rug stays intact.

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