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Rugs spruce up the appearance of your home or office with vibrant colors & aesthetic designs. Rugs are delicate and should be handled by the best rug cleaners to thwart permanent damage to them. While a professional service from a specialist like Blazing Rug Cleaning Adelaide can help you maintain rugs durable & beautiful, practicing vacuum rug cleaning Adelaide until you get experts involved is a must. Vacuuming helps get rid of dust, dirt, soil, debris, allergens & pollens from the surface of the rug for the interim.

5 Errors Rug Owners Make While Vacuuming Rugs 

Vacuuming only one side- Often rug owners vacuum the upper portion of the rug in one direction. Now vacuuming may or may not give a similar outcome as rug cleaning services Adelaide, but with proper technique, vacuuming can help get rid of contaminants from the rug. Experts suggest that one should vacuum beneath the rug as well; likewise, it is important to vacuum in different directions to catch hold of all the dirt & allergens lying deep inside the rug.

Hurried vacuuming- Rugs are designed in a way where they trap dust, soils, microbes, germs, etc into their air pocket. So take your time & vacuum slowly; allow the vacuum to suck up all the contaminants attached to the fibers. Set the correct speed & use the right technique to get the most bang for your buck.

Use of rotating brush- Rugs are made of natural fibers like silk, jute, wool, etc; they are delicate and the rotating brush or the beater bar of your household vacuum cleaner can ruin the fibers. In professional rug cleaning services, experts use the latest vacuum machines or dirt extractors that remove dirt without damaging the texture of the rug. Vacuuming with a rotating brush on is one of the errors of vacuuming rug owners are oblivious of.

Vacuuming rug only when it looks dirty- Another big mistake rug owners make is vacuuming without a routine. Make a plan and decide time intervals for vacuuming; allot first preference to high foot traffic areas of your rug. Best rug cleaners suggest vacuuming low traffic rugs once every week & high traffic rugs every alternate day to keep them clean & tidy. Do not wait for your rugs to appear dirty, the contaminants are invisible to naked eyes but the damage they cause is massive.

Use of unclean vacuum machine- Make sure you clean the vacuum bag before you vacuum rugs. You don’t want to leave the rug dirtier; besides when the vacuum has a bag full of dirt it is less likely to give you desired outcome.

You may have been vacuuming the wrong way and that’s not going to help in the long run especially when it comes to rug cleaning Adelaide. Vacuuming serves countless benefits but availing professional help from reputed cleaners like Blazing Rug Cleaning Adelaide once every year will increase the longevity of rugs.

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